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Doke Black Fusion Black Tea


50 g / 1.76 oz (20 cups per pack)

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The best Indian black tea that has a combination of sweet and malty roast notes with caramel flavour aftertaste is a heart winner for most of the tea drinkers! Having a brewing time of 3 minutes, this tea fills the air with its aroma of caramel and a spicy texture that is beyond words to explain! Coming from Bihar, Doke Black Fusion is processed using Assamica tea leaves that compels the tea lovers to explore this tea. Appearing as a red liquor, the tea has a special characteristic that helps in the fight against cancer. Served best at any time of the day, a cup of this tea will always be as refreshing as the first cup of the day!

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Black Tea Leaves




Caramel, Currants and a Finish of Grapefruit, Notes of Malt, Spices


Sweet & Malty Roast Notes With Caramel Flavour Aftertaste




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